Vedicsys provides Certified Oracle Services. This includes the very best in On-site and Off-site Database Administration. Vedicsys DBAs offer advanced logical and analytical skills. Data Quality is assured on a continuous basis; performance and growth is monitored and permissions (access to data) controlled. Vedicsys invests in its staff; our DBAs are committed to their professional growth – and so are we.

Our DBAs are the backbone of our Continuing Operations and Disaster Recovery Services. Our customers rely on our excellence and attention to detail. Since Vedicsys provides continuing support, our DBAs play essential roles in the future development and expansion of our customer's IT Services. They are trained for communication, projecting growth and trends in usage and planning for future requirements.

Vedicsys provides DBA Support for many clients: Transferring and Replicating Data, Maintaining Access Controls, and Monitoring Performance. We support Oracle on Demand. Vedicsys is a leading provider of IT Infrastructure Management Services for its global clients. Our DBA Experts can assist you providing full on-site and off-site support for database and ERP systems, whether you are managing a corporate IT system or running a data center

Irrespective of the Oracle version that you are using, by choosing Vedicsys for your DBA Support, you can be rest assured that your database is in safe hands. We are masters in Oracle Database Support and Remote DBA Support services from Oracle Database versions 7.3 to Oracle 11g. Along with this, we also focus on ERP projects for platforms such as SAP, Oracle Applications and local ERP systems. We also provide Microsoft SQL Server DBA Support, IBM DB2 Support and MySQL DBA Support. Simply put, Vedicsys is a one stop DBA Support and DBA Service solution provider for RDBMS and ERP projects.