To increase the accessibility and availability of business applications, organizations need to convert their Legacy Applications to Web-enabled Applications. At Vedicsys, we have a team of experts with vast experience and in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies to work with Legacy Systems. This enables us to offer our clients with innovative web-based solutions to effectively convert their Legacy Applications to Web-enabled Applications, ensuring no loss of data or hindrance to any organizational activities.

Vedicsys has proficient project managers who would continuously and closely monitor the process to make the transition as smooth as possible. Either developing a web-based solution from scratch, or web-enabling your existing legacy system, depending upon your preference, our Project Managers are ready to assist you round the clock (24X7).

In the 21st century, Greater Performance Efficiency and Web-enabled Interactivity are needed to support or sustain businesses. With our experience and expertise in Web-enabling Legacy Applications for Global Customers, we can offer you with effective services that are efficient and highly productive for your organization.

Vedicsys' Web-Enabling Process includes:

  • Reengineering legacy systems into reusable components and "wrapping" those components into standard architectures
  • Redesigning legacy user interfaces into web-based graphical user interfaces
  • Accessing legacy transactions from outside the mainframe and integrating them with web-based solutions
  • Employing messaging and integration brokers to link legacy and web-based architectures
  • Accessing legacy databases for use in web-based applications