As a foundation stone for on-line presence and promotion, Website Hosting is the only way through which individuals and organizations make their website accessible on the World Wide Web. Web Hosting is the first and foremost step for a company to be on-line and reach its target audience.

Advantages of a Web Hosting company:

  • Enables you a Guaranteed Higher Time on the Web
  • Offers Higher Bandwidth
  • Provides Higher Performance with Effective hosting plans
  • Lets you Create and Maintain Databases
  • Provides Shopping Cart for E-Commerce Websites
  • Includes On-line Advertisements for Enhanced Marketing

Every company needs to maintain a computer permanently linked to Internet, which helps the website provide details about its products and services to the audience. This maintenance service is commonly known as Web Hosting. Catering to all the Web Hosting needs, Vedicsys as a reseller and the best Business Web Hosting Services Company provides comprehensive Web Hosting Solutions, Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting services to its clients. By utilizing the highest quality and latest technology, our professionals ensure your business website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Vedicsys offers both Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server Solutions to its clients. Supporting both the Linux and Windows NT Server, we also provide Database/SQL/Cold Fusion support and PHP/JSP and Javaservlet support. We are a Web Applications Service provider offering the Customer Utility Services like Web-based Email, Bulletin Board Services, Newsletter Subscriptions, and Chat Services. Our services run from individual website support and administration to Oracle on Demand, and the full range of DBA Support Services including Continuing Operations and Disaster Recovery.

Choosing Vedicsys as your website host opens up your gate to success. With our thorough assistance and efficient Web Hosting Services, you are guaranteed a secure and effective web presence. We, as an efficient Web Hosting Services Provider, always ensure that our clients are provided with the best back-to-back web hosting solutions.