Within the last 10 years, a lot many new generation technologies have been evolved driven by technological innovations. Hence, the system environments that are built on old-generation technologies need to be upgraded to function properly with the present technological requirements. This migration from old system environment to new system environment benefits businesses with a variety of new and useful functions.

Vedicsys, an ERP Services Company in Cincinnati, offers quality ERP Upgrade Services to assist enterprises in a smoother transition that won't disrupt the company work-flow. ERP Consultants with us have the expertise to assess your current applications and advise on upgrading or replacing software entirely, with solutions that will grow as you continue to succeed. We are proud to serve companies in USA and beyond with quality ERP Solutions.

Business Applications Software such as ERP relies on the old system environment and thus, requires upgrades in order to function in the new-generation technology platform. ERP Upgrade Assessment Service for Oracle E-Business Suite offered by Vedicsys can identify effective and efficient upgrading methods in a short period of time by conducting diagnosis of the current system environment state and the ERP.

Our ERP Consultants assist you in:

  • Understanding Current Issues in your Business
  • Understanding the Impact of Upgrade to New release
  • Defining the strategy and timing for ERP Upgrades
  • Conducting Training for the Users
  • Creating a project plan for successful Upgrade
  • Outlining the Resources, Services, and Tools needed for Upgrades